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Thisarticle is about  Míriel, Queen of the Ñoldor.Forthe Queen of Númenor of the samename, see: Míriel Ar-Zimraphel.

这篇文章是关于Miriel的,诺多族的皇后。同时一位努曼诺尔的女王也有着相同的名字:Míriel Ar-Zimraphel.

Míriel Therindë [Quenya:Þerindë]or MírielSerindë,was the first wife of Finwë, the High King of the Ñoldor and the mother of Fëanor. Miriel's hair was described asbeing silver in appearance, an unusual color for one of the Ñoldor. Shewas highly skilled in the art of weaving and needlework, and thus herMother Name was Þerindë, the broideress.[1]

Miriel Therindë (昆雅语中为Þerindë)或者叫做Míriel Serindë,是Finwe的第一任妻子,Finwe为诺多一族的至高王,并且她是Feanor的母亲。Miriel的头发被描述为有着银色的外观,这是一个诺多中不同寻常的颜色。她在编织与针线活上有着很高的技巧,因此她的母名是Þerindë镶边者(broider的意思之一为“镶边”结合上文所说的Miriel擅长编织等方面来看这里翻译为“镶边者”比较合适——译者注)[1]


Mírielmarried Finwë sometime during the Noontideof Valinor and they lived in Tirion. Theyhad one child a son Curufinwë, whom she called Fëanáro

whichmeans 'Spirit of Fire'. After giving birth to Fëanor she could no longer

liveand so wished to die, something which was impossible because, as an elf, shewas immortal within Arda.Watched over by Irmo in Lórien, shelaid down in his gardens whereher fëapeacefully departed from her body, and she entered the Hallsof Mandos: in essence she had died of free will. Herbody was tended by the maidens of Estë andremained preserved. This was seen as a shocking event by the Valar, andeventually led to the second marriage of Finwë, and from there to the Rebellionof the Ñoldor and the First Kinslaying.

AfterFinwë had been killed, Míriel was granted permission to return to life, whereshe entered the service of Vairë, her task to weave all the deeds of the Houseof Finwë in the Tapestry of Time.[1][2]




她的躯体受到了Estë手下侍女们 的照料并且得到了很好地保存。这对于梵拉来说看上去是个令人震惊的事情,因着这件事情引导了Finwe的第二次婚事,并为诺多族的叛乱和第一次亲族弑杀埋下了隐患。



Míriel means'Jewel-woman' or perhaps 'Jewel-daughter' and her Mother Name Þerindë'broideress'. Serindë is a later version of her name after changes in thelanguage of the Noldor.However, she requested that her kin continue to call herÞerindë (Þ is pronounced "th" so therindë )<[2] 



Miriel的意思是“珠宝的女士”或者可能为“珠宝的女儿”,她的母名为Þerindë,“镶边者”。在诺多一族的语言变动之后她的名字便变为了Serindë。然而她要求自己的近亲继续叫她为Þerindë (p 在此发“th”的音,因此又为“therindë ”[2]



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